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W. W. Friedline Inc is a 2nd generation, family owned business that began its tradition of service and excellence in 1965. Wayne W. Friedline, a son of a coal miner and farmer, had a vision to build a local business that would specialize in transportation and heavy truck repair and parts. Wayne began by driving his own truck during the day and working on customer trucks at the end of the day. Wayne’s focus was always to do whatever it took to get his truck and customer’s trucks ready for coal hauling the next day. It didn’t take long for word to spread about the fast service provided at a fair price.

Today W. W. Friedline Inc is owned and operated by the Mark Friedline family who continue Wayne W. Friedline’s traditions of excellence. W. W. Friedline Inc is known for its service, supply, and expert knowledge to get you, the customer, back operating again.

Truck Parts

Please let our truck parts department serve your needs. We provide quality parts and supplies at a fair price. The management of W. W. Friedline continually takes great strides to provide our customers in Somerset, Bedford, Johnstown and the surrounding areas with the very best value truck parts.

Truck Repair Services

W.W. Friedline offers many truck repair services. Our services include air brake services, coil spring replacement, automotive alignment, laser tandem alignment, leaf spring repair, Pennsylvania Enhanced Inspection, truck alignment, wheel balancing, and more.


W.W. Friedline provides demolition for everything from small buildings to large multi-level buildings. We offer complete razing services and debris disposal services for customers in the areas around Somerset, Bedford, Johnstown Pennsylvania.

24/7 Emergency Services

Our list of emergency services includes all types of emergency and non-emergency site remediation, accident, cargo, flood, fire, and environmental cleanups.


W.W. Friedline has 10 trucks under dispatch to serve the regions around Somerset Pa, Bedford Pa, and Johnstown Pa. Our trucking services include local general freight, local heavy hauling, asphalt, stone, and coal.

Providing truck parts and other services to the areas near Someset, Bedford, and Johnstown

W.W. Friedline offers the best value truck parts and other services to Somerset Pennyslvania, Bedford Pennsylvania, Cumberland Maryland, Johnstown Pennyslvania, and the surrounding locations.

Contact us today, and our customer service team will excel for you!
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XK5234707QP 23,000lb 2 SHOE AND HARDWARE KIT - $59.00


AS-4310 AIRBAG TAGAXLE - $135.00

XK5234515Q-23,000lb 2 SHOE AND HARDWARE KIT - $57.00

AS-8361 AIRBAG TAGAXLE - $225.00

Tire Chains 11R24.5 - $99.00

Call: 814-445-2193


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